Becalm Corporate Massage Gold Coast | About Us

For the past 5 years Becalm Corporate Massage Gold Coast has been rejuvenating staff in offices all over the Gold Coast.

We take pride in giving the best service possible and to go the extra mile to make your massage experience exceptional and unforgettable.

About the Business Director:

About-Ashlea-Mason-Becalm-Corporate-Massage-Gold-Coast, Becalm Corporate Massage Gold Coast


I grew up in Melbourne and moved up to the Gold Coast in 2004 which is where I began studying health and massage.
During the course of my studies I discovered that I had a passion for helping people and decided this could be achieved by relieving stress through massage.
From talking to my clients I learnt that they were all experiencing high levels of stress at work. I began to think how great it would be to take the relief they received from their visits with me, to them during the work day.
So, I decided to take the challenge and deliver my experience with relieving stress to their offices and help create a healthy, vibrant and happy work environment in every workplace and that is how Becalm Corporate Massage Gold Coast evolved….

If you’re interested to know more about me and Becalm Corporate Massage, contact me.