The Benefits of Massage


Nowadays, massage is not delivered only in health facilities and beauty centres – you can also enjoy a short massage session and unwind in your favourite shopping mall, in airports, or even at work. Why has massage become so popular? It’s simple – The Benefits of Massage makes you feel great and it comes with a wide range of benefits.

If you’ve never tried massage before, you’ll probably rush to call the services of a massage therapist as soon as you find out all its amazingadvantages!

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Stress Management in the Workplace

stress-management-in-the-workplaceWork represents one of the most common stress sources of our days – meeting tight deadlines, handling conflicts with co-workers, facing unexpected project requirements, and even coping with job insecurity. Moreover, having little time available just for themselves makes people feel even more overwhelmed by stress.

A certain amount of stress is actually necessary because it helps us stay alert and feel stimulated, but what happens when stress levels skyrocket?

The first step towards finding a solution is understanding stress response mechanisms.

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