BeCalm Corporate Massage Reviews Gold Coast

Hi Ashlea,I would like to thank you on behalf of Heather, Denise, Debbi, Vanessa and myself for bringing peace and relaxation to our NYMAC Home Loans office at West Burleigh. Everyone enjoys your monthly visits because it’s a little bit special to have someone looking after us while we’re at work. What you do has a calming effect that lasts well beyond the time you’re here, and is something that holds a high priority in our work schedule. On rare occasions when a team member is absent, the others delight in claiming the time as their own.
Thank you Ashlea. We enjoyed your service through 2013- 2014 and have now started our 2015 adventure.
Rob McDougall/ Client Services Manager – Queensland Financial Services Pty Ltd
Principal/ NYMAC Home Loans
We have been using Ashlea’s services for our office for over three years now and her visits are highly anticipated by all the staff.
Ashlea is reliable and punctual and with her, we can provide a very cost effective and valued staff benefit with minimum impact on the workplace.
Absolutely recommend her to any business.
Paul Forbes /CEO
Robina Financial Solutions
Becalm Corporate Massage came in for a trial run just over 3 years ago. The reaction from the staff and the improved productivity from that initial visit have ensured that Ashlea has been back every month since. The team look forward to her coming in and they receive a massage that helps reduce the strain on back and neck muscles built up from sitting at a desk all day. This is all done in the same time as a 15 minute coffee break.
We will continue to use Becalm Corporate massage well into the future.
John Freame/ Director
Brown & Benson Accountants Pty Ltd
My staff looks forward each month to the massage, as it is a great reward for them and keeps them happy, positive and energized, which in turn helps productivity for me.
Luke Henderson/ Director
Professionals Mermaid Beach
As part of staff rewards, Jones Mitchell Lawyers last year introduced massages for staff, on a monthly basis. Ashlea comes to our office, and anyone (usually everyone) receives a 10-15 minute massage. Whilst it is a reward we are more than happy to provide to hardworking and valuable staff, their level of appreciation is equally rewarding to us.
Ashlea is experienced and very professional. As a friend and colleague, it is my pleasure to commend Ashlea’s corporate service to you. I am confident that your staff would be as appreciate as ours.
Warwick G Jones /Senior Partner
Jones Mitchell Lawyers
A few years ago I received an email from Ashlea of Becalm Corporate Massage detailing her services, this led to an interview, which led to us engaging her services to provide regular massages to our team members!
They all sing her praises & the team really look forward to the emails advising that she’s coming soon ! It’s a great way to end a day & makes them feel relaxed & happy!
I have also provided vouchers to deserving team members to indulge themselves as a reward for a special effort! Have been known to indulge myself as well!!
Col Wilson / Director
CWL Accountants
Becalm Corporate Massage has been a fantastic addition to our practice here at Insure Qld. A regularly monthly massage is a great way to say thanks to our team and team feedback has been extremely positive with everyone here looking forward to “Massage Day”.
Ashlea strikes a perfect balance between friendliness and professionalism and gives a beautiful head, neck, shoulder, back, arm and hand massage which leaves us feeling relaxed, refreshed and stress free – ready to tackle our next task! We highly recommend this service and suggest that your workplace gives it a try too!
LonnaDall’Osto/Practice Manager
Insure Qld Pty Ltd
One of my employees described the effect Ashlea’s massages have perfectly the other day. “I was stressing about something before my massage and now I can’t even remember what it was I was stressing about”. Ashlea’s massages are a much needed escape in the midst of a very stressful and busy day.
Luke Halliday/Director
Mercury| Information Technology
I didn’t imagine the improvement and appreciation from my team as a result of the monthly sessions with in-house massage services from Becalm. Ashlea is so professional and friendly that my team really look forward to the monthly sessions. Our productivity has improved and the general feeling around the office is significantly better. The best decision we ever made.
Ian Watson /Partner
Walker Lawrence Watson Pty Ltd