The Story of Becalm Corporate Massage

massage-for-the-whole-family, Becalm Corporate Massage Gold Coast storyI’m one of those lucky people who can say they absolutely love their job!

Corporate massage incorporates the best parts of the corporate world into one occupation. When I enter an office I am definitely the most popular person there. I get to see the ins and outs of many businesses including Lawyers, Accountants,Real Estate Agents, Fitness centres and many more.I am thanked for my work every 15 minutes and it gives me satisfaction that everyone’s day is a little brighter and a little calmer.

I am the owner of Becalm Corporate Massage. I started my own business 5 years ago when I was 21 years old after the current business I was employed at closed down. I noticed there was a nichefor corporate massage with many business owners unaware ofits existenceand the many benefits it can bring to a workplace.

Corporate massage is a quick, easy, mess / hassle-free way to have happy, energised and productive staff.

Massage is a fantastic way to reward your staff, with little disruption to the work day and provide maximum benefits to your staff and business. The massage is delivered through the clothing with no need for oil or undressing and can be done in the same time as a 15minute coffee break. I use a specially made massage chair that is designed to support all the weight of the body and enable clients to relax completely. I always set up in a quiet boardroom or meeting room with relaxing music played in the background to enhance the experience.

I pride myself on being exactly as described by a client in one of my testimonials “the perfect balance between friendly and professional.” I love meeting different people from all walks of life and hearing about the developments in their lives when I visit their offices every fortnight or month. This is where I stand out from the rest, I’m not just a masseuse who pops in every month to do her job and leave. I genuinely care about my clients and look forward to seeing them as much as they do me. I also pride myself on being highly professional and always deliver the best service I can to accommodate my client’s needs.

I believe corporate massage is an excellent incentive and is essential to every office. The benefits of massage are known for reducing stress,fatigue, back and neck aches, headaches and increasing blood flow, energy and wellbeing. You can see the shift in energy at a workplace as soon as I walk through the front door when people cheer, smile and sigh with relief. The sense of community grows amongst the staff as they have something in common to celebrate. The staff jokearound about who is to go first, teasing each other about how dazed their co-workers look when they immerge from their massage. Seeing this positivity ignite from my presence gives me job satisfaction that no other could match.

People are doing all the wrong things at work on a regular basis including sitting/ standing too long, using bad posture, talking on the phone and looking at computer screens in awkward positions. Not to mention work-relatedstress, skipped lunch breaks and long hours. All this before we add on the stress factors in people’s lives outside of work including children, relationships, lack of sleep, poor diet and financial difficulties. These factorslead to headaches, migraines, strained back and neck muscles as well as sick days, lack of productivity and poor morale. How can we expect staff to be performing at their best when they have no down time and little reward? Just like a car people need to be serviced and cared for otherwise they break down and don’t function properly.

Too many business owners have the mindset that staff members are expendable and they have no duty of care to those who are making their business grow and prosper every day. They fail to see that through a little reward and acknowledgment they could potentially get 100% out of their team every-day and that they would in fact be a “team” not just a group of individuals counting down the seconds to 5pm every day.

While any reward in the workplace is fantastic, corporate massage stands out from the rest. It is an ongoing reward that can be appreciated and acknowledged by the staff fortnightly or monthly throughout the whole year.As well as being a reward it also addresses other issues in the workplace that occur from long hours of sitting in front of a computer, such as back and neck aches and headaches.There is also the morale boost that spreads throughout the office and the bonus of being away from the desk for a short time doing something positive.

As time passes hopefully more and more business owners catch on to incentives for workers because in my opinion the benefits are endless.